Your life and death won’t be without meaning. … If even one life can be saved from telling our story, then the ripples of your legacy, your life and even your loss will be without end.

Deborah Greene

We may not know how to find light in darkness, but it can be found; it can be created, if we are committed to the light.

Rabbi Baruch HaLevi

Your wings were ready, but my heart was not.

Broken Hearted Forever

After tragic loss, we reach out to each other. Even those meeting for the first time feel the connection.

Ronnie Walker

I knew that my husband’s suicide did not define him. But I realized this week that I had been letting it define me. It doesn’t have to. And, suddenly, it doesn’t anymore.

Jan McDaniel

We still walk along side by side, he on his side of the universe and I on mine.

Jan McDaniel

You are there. I am here. Worlds separate us. … Yet I say your name, and waves of light wash to me silently from your heart.


It is my hope and dream that, as we heal our wounds, we become kinder and more loving. Let it begin with me.

Iris Bolton

An invisible bond connects suicide loss survivors. In the face of tragedy, things which divide us, like politics or religion, fall away.

Ronnie Walker

Trauma changes us and if we’re lucky, we can change in ways that help heal ourselves and the world.

In Shock

I am choosing to go on living, making the most of the time I have, valuing my family and friends in a way never possible before.

Iris Bolton

Much loved. Much missed. Forever in our hearts.

Susan Auerbach

Each photo tells a part. Each part from a heart.

Ronnie Walker

Son, wherever you are, my love will find you. Missing you dearly.