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In Remembrance of Alan Dean Clow

1956 - 2018

Alan Dean Clow, you will be forever loved and missed. Your contribution to this world is not to be forgotten.  You were a man of service your entire life. Starting with your service in the US Army, Sp 4, MP; then to a law enforcement officer for 6 years (San Diego County Sheriff & Coronado PD) and your last 23 years as a servant to the "least served" in our community working as a Senior Investigator for the Public Defender's Office. Beyond that you were a loyal servant and defender to employee's rights through serving on your County's Union Board and an active participant with Veteran issues; especially working to secure a Veteran's cemetery in our County. Unfortunately, that fight still continues today, although you had one of the largest Military funerals and are laid to rest at Riverside National Cemetery.

You were the leader and beacon of adventure and fun in our family. Your love for me and our sons remains your greatest contribution and legacy. Your love for our fur babies and the ones that you hold with you in spirit is not to be overlooked. Everyone that knew you, understood that dog hair and a dog would always be at your side.

Your choice to die the way you did, I can't wrap my head around it. Your wonderful and full life will not be defined by that day's event. I continue to honor you as my husband, co-parent, friend and lover and work to support those that may be struggling in the same manner. Our love story is to be continued... there was no Option B... I love you Always!!!

We can't help everyone, but we can help someone

- Ronald Reagan