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Expressions of Gratitude

Since 2008, the Alliance of Hope has been rated a “Top Health Nonprofit” by, with a five-star ranking and more than 470 reviews. Loss survivors frequently write that our community makes a significant difference in their healing journey.

Alliance of Hope was the one support I could use as a resource 24/7. It helped ease the excruciating pain of loneliness after my loved one was lost to suicide. Few can relate or understand.

— Cynthia

… The aftermath of suicide loss is like nothing else I have experienced. [My brother’s] death devastated me and the ripple effect nearly devastated my family. At the Alliance of Hope I found the loving and respectful support I needed to heal. It is indeed a sacred space for healing.

— Anonymous

The AOH community supported me in my darkest days after the suicide of my husband. I am forever grateful to all the survivors here who compassionately hold space for the grieving and provide hope in the aftermath of such traumatic loss.

— Paula

When I found this community it was like finding a sibling I didn’t know I had. Even though we have never met, there is a strong bond between us all. From the moment I read the posts of others, and posted my own story, I knew I belonged here. We are a community; we are a family of survivors.

— BigDaddie192

The Alliance of Hope Forum was my lifeline after the death of my twin brother to suicide. I still find comfort on the site five years later. Only those who have traveled this road understand the complex grief and emotional turmoil that suicide loss survivors experience.

— Denise

I am intensely grateful that I found the Alliance of Hope when I did. As I stumbled along on this journey, I felt the strong and steady arms of support through the forums, the blogs and the many Skype counselling sessions. They held me up, helped me find my balance, and kept a light shining for me in my darkest moments.

— Valerie

When my fiancé died, I lived in a rural area with no counselors or support groups near to me. I knew I had to have help. I was going towards the place where he had been. Alliance of Hope was my lifeline.

— Pam

Alliance of Hope was the most important and helpful component of my recovery from the most crushing grief imaginable. They saved my life. Really.

— Steve

I came to this site two months after my brother died. … Before I came I was beginning to question my own mental health. Through the forum community I learned what I was going through was perfectly normal. Just to know what you are feeling is normal and that others are going through the same thing is very, very helpful. The Alliance of Hope, along with therapy and a good spouse, has gotten me through the darkest days of my life.

— ecamp51

I come to this site each and every day. First it was to pour my heart out and seek help to pull myself out of a dark place. I didn’t have access to counselors or doctors. This forum is a lifeline. Each day I read and find inspiration in someone’s post. I have found peace and happiness now and owe it all to every single person on this forum.

— lakerat

Thank you for this forum; it truly is a lifeline! It’s scary for me to think what it would be like without the others here on this site, along with the information I had at my fingertips instantly. I didn’t have to go out in public to buy a book or meet with someone; there was no need to wait for a book to arrive. I needed information now, no matter what time it was. I needed to know I would survive.

— Takecare4