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Surviving Suicide Loss

Suicide is like a “grenade going off within a family or community.” In the aftermath, those closest are left profoundly wounded and deeply distressed. Many grapple with debilitating emotions, altered relationships, and challenging responsibilities. Although each situation is unique, some issues are shared by survivors of suicide loss.

It can be helpful to know a bit about survivor reactions. Being informed does not make the reactions disappear. That will take time–and probably a good deal of grief-work. It will help though, to know that what you are feeling is felt by other survivors and that it is possible to survive and go beyond just surviving. In this section, you will find information and thoughts about survivor issues.

The Grief Journey

There is no timetable for grief. No two journeys are alike, yet some things are commonly experienced at various points in the journey. Learn what people say is normal and what helps.

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Beyond Surviving

Read encouraging words from other suicide loss survivors, who share their stories to let you know that it is possible, with time and grief work, to go beyond just surviving.  

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