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Heling Emails for Parents

Healing Emails for Parents

Losing a child to suicide is a devastating, unimaginable experience. We understand the unique and profound loss that parents and parent-figures experience, and we want you to know you are not alone. Others have walked this path before you and they are here to offer you support and understanding as you navigate your own journey through grief.

To support you, we have created two free specialized email series—one for fathers and father figures, and one for mothers and mother figures.

The emails are designed to arrive 2x a week, over the course of three months, and can be canceled at any time.

Each series of emails is filled with wisdom from the survivor community. The emails contain:

  • Comforting words and messages of hope to help you through the toughest days.
  • Heartfelt stories from other parents who have endured similar losses.
  • Practical advice on coping with grief.
  • Links to additional resources and support 

Read what other parents have said about the healing emails:

I delete most of the emails I get – but I always read yours. They make me realize I’m not alone on this journey I never wanted to take.


The path of being a loss survivor is an arduous one. The emails provided comfort, hope & healing. … The emotions and feelings stated in those essays reflected exactly how I have felt in this journey. Thank you for all you do.


I like that your articles are from people who have experienced the same type of loss I have. The articles are relatable and bring comfort and hope and also give ideas of how to deal with my emotions and what to expect.


The emails filtered light into my darkness. I especially appreciated the different perspectives that seem to come from a place of hope…  I seem to find a new meaning when I re-read them and I can get something different from the emails depending on where I am on my journey.


They were so very helpful. I am sad they are over but I kept them and will go back to read them again. Thank you so much. The Alliance of Hope website and these emails are the best resource I could find for navigating this incredibly difficult and complicated time. I am truly thankful.


“Thank you for putting together something especially for moms. It was very comforting and a bit more personal. I have never found a resource that has helped me through this horrible tragedy anywhere close to what you guys have given me. I am so thankful to know I am not alone in this. I appreciate what you do.”