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Community Forum

The Alliance of Hope free online forum transcends time and distance, offering a culture of kindness, hope, and understanding to people who have lost loved ones to suicide. Operating like a 24/7 support group, our forum is supervised by a mental health professional and moderated by a trained team of loss survivors. Members can read and comment, share their stories, and connect with other suicide loss survivors.

Our forum hosts more than 25,000 members. We are a diverse community, linked by our humanity and our shared experience of what it means to lose a loved one to suicide. 

Whether you choose to post, or simply read the posts of others, you will likely encounter something that informs or guides you in your healing journey. Our forum members believe there is a good chance the forum will help you see that:

You will survive.

The people here told me I was going to survive this, and of course I knew they had to be wrong, but somehow day by day, sometimes hour by hour, I am surviving and you will too. It is extremely hard. This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life.

You will find comfort.

There is definitely comfort in reading that people understand what I am going though. … It’s so hard not having my friends and family around after this devastating loss and as a result I feel that there is extra pressure on my husband. Thanks again for your words. I wish I’d found this site earlier.

You are not alone.

I feel this site is a real help. Here where I live there is not much help out there for suicide loss survivors. … I feel that when this happens to you, (other) people don’t know what to say. Mainly they avoid you altogether.

You will gain insight.

Thank you for all your support. Your generous response and heartfelt wishes have made a difference already. … I hope that I can add as much insight as you are already passing on to me.

You will find friends.

…the people here are amongst the most beautiful people I’ve ever known. The caring and support they’ve shown amazes me daily.

You can survive and go beyond.

It’s so empowering to read these posts and realize that we all have things to be proud of, even in the midst of our tragedy and loss. I’m proud to be a part of this forum of wonderful people.