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The Grief Journey

We often speak of the time following loss as a journey, yet it is not a journey anyone chooses and there are few guideposts along the way. In this section, author and suicide loss survivor, Elizabeth Harper Neeld, outlines experiences commonly felt at different points in the journey. Read about what is normal, what helps, and what choices continue to move you forward after loss shatters your world.


When someone in our life dies by suicide, we suddenly find ourselves on a journey we never planned to take. A journey for which we have no map. A journey with no road signs to guide us.

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When a loved one dies by suicide, we are rocked to our core. We lose our equilibrium. We are experiencing the unthinkable. Learn what you can do.

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Second Crisis

In the weeks and months following loss, we stumble in the dark – searching for direction and wondering if anything will ever be worthwhile again. Learn the way forward.

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With time, we begin noticing, recollecting, and reflecting – wondering what can be learned from this terrible loss. Learn how our reminiscences help us gain wisdom to shape our future.

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The Turn

As we grieve, we are faced with redefining ourselves and our situation. We recognize that we must revise and replan our lives. Learn more about making the turn.

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Slowly, in incremental steps, we build a new life that is not dominated by loss. We honor the past yet look to the future. Learn what helps us move forward

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Working Through

Eventually, we find solid ground, assessing what is and isn’t going to work. Learn how we can we create a life that both honors the past and has new meaning.

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Finally, we have glimpses of a “new normal” and much less emptiness and pain. We are stronger with renewed purpose. Read more about integration of loss.

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