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The Alliance of Hope is committed to decreasing stigma and increasing awareness about the impact of suicide on those left behind grieving. Historically, the “suicide loss survivor” experience has not been well understood, and little attention has been paid to what survivors need to cope and heal in the aftermath. Today, researchers know that suicide “postvention” is prevention. We are happy to serve as a resource for journalists and others who want to learn more.

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Additional Journalist Resources

What is Suicide Postvention

Postvention refers to activities that reduce risk and promote healing after a suicide death. Although postvention is implemented after a suicide it is essential that we prepare for postvention before a suicide.

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How Suicide Bereavement is Different

Bereavement after suicide shares characteristics with other types of bereavement, yet it is also different. Understanding how and why it differs is helpful when supporting people who have suffered a loss from suicide.

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National Guidelines on Suicide Postvention:

In 2015, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention released the first-ever U.S. national guidelines for suicide aftercare: “Responding to Grief, Trauma, and Distress After a Suicide”.

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Identifying the Social Demographic Correlates of Suicide Bereavement


Suicide exposures and bereavement among American adults: Evidence from the 2016 General Social Survey