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Emotions & Challenges:

Beyond Surviving: Navigating Emotions and Challenges

Surviving the suicide of a beloved family member or close friend is not an easy task. Those left behind are hijacked out of life as they have known it. In the initial aftermath of loss, it may be hard to visualize a time when emotional pain will not dominate one’s life. It’s important to know that with time – and grief work – the intensity of emotions does diminish. Survivors are forever altered. They will never stop loving or missing those who have died, yet they do survive and even eventually go beyond just surviving to have happy, meaningful and contributory lives.

Over the course of months and years, many survivors report that they move forward in directions not previously envisioned. Some generate deeper relationships with their family. Others seek meaning through religion, spirituality, or finding their purpose. Still others engage with philanthropy or social causes.

In the course of surviving and meeting the challenges of loss, survivors grow stronger and wiser. Eventually, most are able to contribute in line with their own deeply heart-felt commitments. Linked by an invisible bond, the community of survivors is powerful and courageous. It is unafraid to reach out to others in pain with compassion and support.