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In Remembrance of Joseph Hickman Cook

1929 - 1978

Thanks, Dad, for teaching me so many good and valuable things in life: the importance of family, honesty, hard work, integrity and how to love and care for your family and so much more. I'm sorry the disease of addiction took you from us but am grateful your loss helped us all rise above it. I miss you and wish you were here. Love, Eddy

Our remarkable family exists by virtue of Mama and You. We are survivors Dad, and I am proud to be your son. I love you. KW

I am so sad that you missed seeing my children grow up, knowing their life partners and the 10 great-grandchildren they gave Mom, and meeting my life partner. I came to understand that you had to go, and even though that is a pity and tragedy, your legacy lives on through all of us. Love, Frank

I too am sad that you missed the essence of our adult lives; the diversity, the trials and victories, the joy, and the adventure. I often think of you, of your struggles, your unnecessary death and lament that we did not get a chance to really know each other. Love, Joey

You left me four wonderful sons that have given me 16 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren to enjoy. It is a tragedy that you did not get to enjoy them. I think of you each day. Love from your wife, Betty