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In Remembrance of Steve Negrete

1956 - 2017

The moment I saw you, your being sent electricity through me.  Little did I know that I would share a life with you for only 15 years.  Little did I know that you had a huge gaping hole in your psyche and that you lived in a dark room.  On May 19, 2017, it all became too much and you had to leave.  You were too large a spirit in too small a shell.  I love that you were able to go out on your own terms and that you finally took control of a life that clearly had been out of control for way too long.  Bless you, Steve.  Thank you for the time you gave me. Thank you for all the things I learned being with you, both good and bad.  Thank you for trusting me with your life and your love.  I did the best I could but you know that now...that and more. 

You will always be a part of me. 


Your wife, Karen 

P.S. See you later!