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In Remembrance of Corey A. Gagnon

1980 - 2018

In memory of my husband Corey Gagnon, also my best friend. Life was not easy for us babe, but we did it our way and tried to right our wrongs. You made me the person that I am by believing in me and loving me despite so much. I hope I returned the favor, I am sorry I could not take on your demons and memories for you. I wish I could have stopped you and shown you how needed you were...I tried so hard. You are too beautiful for this world and did not deserve the pain you had inside. We have our memories, as sweet or bitter as they may be we survived through so much. You were an amazing father and I loved watching you shine in everything you did. I will forever long for your chest to lay my head on, your arms around me, your blue eyes twinkling, and your smile. Thank you for loving me. I love you still, always my favorite. And I am so proud of the life you lived. Missing you is constant, you took my heart with you. xoxo Handsome, always and forever.

Forever I'll Find You, Forever We'll Be.
Forever Your Power and Strength Stays With Me.