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Tina Wasserman Memorial

In Remembrance of Tina Wasserman

1966 - 2023

You were my little sister. We did everything together. Mom dressed us in matching clothes. We were the same, and not the same. You were the dancer, and I was the watcher. You were fearless and I was careful. I was shy and you were the charmer. 
I had the privilege of taking care of you. Making sure you got to school, had food to eat. Even our last text exchange was about groceries being delivered…you got them. And you were kind and gracious and said thank you, and I love you.  
I wasn’t there to take care of you on your last day. I didn’t protect you from the open window. I am so sorry. 
Tina, will love you until my last breath.

Sister, I will love you until my last breath. 57 years, you were a part of me. I will carry you with me, forever.

- Evy Engrav