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In Remembrance of Sean Michael

1987 - 2013

My amazing, kind, gifted, loving son, Sean,

I know you have felt and viewed the anguish of your loss. I’ve imagined so many times of stopping you prior to that fateful moment in time. A time when you felt hopeless, worthless and there was no way out.

Life is so incredibly difficult without your physical presence and that infectious smile. Your hugs and always checking in with those that were important to you. Taking care of your friends when they’d had too much to drink and drive.

All I have to do is close my eyes (and sometimes not) to see you. Everyone misses you so much especially your mommy.

My love for you is infinite forever....

Phrases Sean would say, “no problem, “what not, “oh, okay (sarcasm), you were always funny and cracking jokes.

- Sean Michael