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In Remembrance of Whitman Davis

1997 - 2020

Whitman Fain Davis - oldest brother to Parker, George and Natalie.

A huge piece of our life is gone with your passsing. 

I am grateful that you found activities while in college that made those years all the better

You loved the outdoors and found  your connection in the red mountains of Utah. Fascinated by weather, you were always up for the thrill of chasing a big storm. Overlanding on the Utah terrain  in your prized, well appointed Jeep brought you great happiness. You were a fine patriot  and so loved America. You took great pride in your Texas roots and embraced its culture. Whit, you are a sensitive and precious  soul as well as an astute observer. You were softspoken but highly excitable over an Astros game. Your humor was dry and your ability to mimic others was priceless. You were so kind and generous, accepting of others and forgiving.

You leaving us while enduring a painful crisis cannot be changed. I grieve for the pain you endured. I grieve that kindness was not being shown towards you and the pain became too much to bear. It was unfair and wrong.

I am sorry I wasn't there for you. I should have flown earlier to you but I didn't know you were thinking of taking your life.

Forgive me, my precious boy. 

You are forever, forever in my heart.