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Sarina Paige Knisley Memorial

In Remembrance of Sarina Paige Knisley

2001 - 2014

This is a poem my youngest sister wrote for my daughter after she took her life....Make sure your loved ones are able to feel your love while they are here...don't allow life to distract you from what's important.....


Teenage Suicide

In memory of Sarina Paige Knisley
By: Nicole Lopez

Depression is real, A disease many fight
Lost in the dark, looking for light
Needing our help, But hiding the pain
Feeling like a burden, With no good to gain
Afraid to dream big, Expecting to be put down
A smile on the outside, But deep inside a frown
If you haven't felt it yourself, You won't understand
How hard it is to reach, For a stronger hand
Feeling so empty, So lost, So drained
Thinking that this sickness, Has your life stained
I'm sorry your life ended, In such a tragic way
This world is so rough, And you chose not to stay
A beautiful young girl, Who will be missed by us all
Caused by a horrible sickness, So many thought was small
May you finally be at peace!
Love you, Sarina...

Forever and always,

Aunt Nicole

This I know,

The deepest abyss of pain and grief that the human Spirit can endure... the death of your child.
With this death,
when my child died,
I lost someone I would die for!

- Unknown