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In Remembrance of Kristine Burgess

1978 - 2020

My dear sister, I will miss those piercing blue eyes, witty and passionate personality, the way we used to laugh uncontrollably, our deep conversations over a bottle of wine , and the way all three of my children would mistakenly call you Mom because our mannerisms were so much the same. It was comforting knowing that despite our differences we were so alike. I will miss the way you used to repeat yourself when you told a story and how good it felt to hug you. I will miss your warmth and the way you looked at me.  I will miss the way you danced when you ate your favorite foods (just like I do) and you needing my advice on what to wear.  We had a complicated relationship but you were the only person in the world that knew what our early childhood was like and how it shaped the person I am now.

We were together, I forget the rest

- Walt Whitman