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Mundip Singh Notay Memorial

In Remembrance of Mundip Singh Notay

1996 - 2021

My sweet Mundip.

The day you you went to god a piece of me went with you. You are in my thoughts throughout each day. Your smell still lingers throughout condo. Sometimes I feel like like any minute you are going to come to the kitchen and make me a cup of Indian tea.

When I see or walk past someone that looks like you. The tears start to fall down my face. Luckily this crazy time during covid with our face masks no one can see me having a break down moment. 

Words cannot express how lucky I was to be privileged to be your mother. You are truly my everything. Somedays  I cry when I think of you. Somedays I smile when I think of you. Not one day that goes by when you are not floating in my thought. How do I live without you?

You were not only my son, my nurse when I was ill. My fashion consultant when I needed reassurance on my outfit. My little chef when I came home from my late nights at work.

The one thing I miss the most is our chats. The nights you crawled  and laid in bed beside me, sometimes we talked  and sometimes just silence. But I felt your love every second. I wish the times you were silent that you told me what was truly in your heart.

I find myself sending you texting messages still. Hoping that I will get a reply back.

You are truly missed so much by your sister Munpreet, your nephew Austin, and all your friends. I love you so so much. No one can every replace your spot in my life and in my heart.

When that day comes and god calls upon me. I pray that you will be waiting for me at heaven's gate with your open arms, my love muffin.

Love you always, mom