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James Edward Brown Jr Memorial

In Remembrance of James Edward Brown Jr

1992 - 2022


On August 26,2022 an event happened that has forever changed my life. I lost a young man that has a contagious smile, who loved to make everyone he met just love him. He had a beautiful soul. This young man is my son, born August 20, 1992. My beautiful son had the soul of an angel, full of life and at the same time hurting, confused, anxious, scared and having a really hard time trying to figure out where he was going in this life. He didn’t know what to do next, his body was that of a 30 year old man but his mind (I believe) was an 18 year old child that thought he could continue his life right where he left off 11 years ago only to realize that the world and everything in it had changed, his friends from then had moved on with their life, some, not all now have families of their own, some moved away, some had even passed away while he was away…. So many changes, so many unanswered questions, he acted as if he was fine but on the inside I believe he was dying.
His father and I along with his sister and many other family and friends are all having trouble trying to process all of the emotions that are raging through our bodies, I personally have never had this kind of heartbreak, he meant so much to so many people, he was loved by people he had never even met.

I know deep down inside that I can live without him the problem is, I just don’t know how to (if that makes sense).

My son is no longer in pain nor is he wondering what blow will be next. Just as any other parent, I don’t want my children to feel any pain. He is free from his pain and he has left us all to carry it for him. It doesn’t seem fair but I always said I would do anything for him and I will carry his pain with me until I take my last breath and I will keep his memory alive.

I promised him we would get through all of this together, he just forgot to take me with him. He has left his earthly body and his soul is at peace now. It’s time for you to rest easy now, my sweet son.

Just rest easy.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever 💞

- Unknown