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In Remembrance of Justin Michael Cannon

1989 - 2015

Justin Michael Cannon of Hulmeville, PA, is forever 25.  

He died by suicide from a S.I.G.S.W. to the right side of his head, while in his car, parked in his driveway in an early morning in February 2015. He was under the influence of both alcohol and cocaine.

On his final day, he went to work,  he visited his dad, washed his car, and talked with his dad about the car and future plans for it, on his way out he said love you dad see you tomorrow. He invited friends for dinner, went to the store to get items for dinner at a small local store where he typically shopped at on Fridays. When leaving he said I’ll be back tomorrow. He cooked dinner for his roommate and several friends, ate, drank, they laughed, and watched movies. Everyone left by around 11. Around 12 Justin said goodnight to his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend who stayed over, and went to his room. Sometime between then and 2 a.m. Justin did cocaine in his room. He emptied the clip of his 9mm onto the floor. He left his room through an outside door. His roommate didn’t think anything about hearing the door shut. Justin took his car keys, gun, a 40 ounce beer he was drinking and an extra bullet to the car. A bullet was found on the dashboard. 

The next morning his landlord Ed walked up some steps to go get his newspaper at the top of the driveway and saw Justin slumped in his car, head leaned thru blown out drivers side window and he knew he was dead. Ed thought Justin was mugged or robbed and shot when he went out for work that morning. The police were called. 

It was his own gun. He recently obtained a permit to carry with his father. He would go to the shooting range for fun, target practice with his uncle or dad, and had previously hunted as a teenager with his younger brothers grandfather. Justin was familiar with the proper handling of a gun and was safety conscious. There was no indication he would end his life. He told no one of his plan, he didn’t ask for, indicate or show signs he needed help or that he was struggling in this manner.

There was no letter or explanation left and no goodbye! We  will never know why! Just presumptions.

It was a shock, a cruel abrupt end that no one was prepared for. This happens to other people, not our family, not our friend, not our coworker, not our neighbor, and definitely not to Justin.  He was well liked by everyone, he was interactive and funny, he was loved, he had support of family and friends and coworkers. 

Born and raised in Levittown, PA until 13, then raised in Hulmeville,  PA. He was a graduate of Neshaminy High School
. He worked at Friendlys and Burger King briefly, then as a groundskeeper at a cemetery (with his best friend since adolescence Dave) and as a landscaper (for Todd) then at the SPCA prior to starting a career with Waste Management in Bristol, PA, with his dad, where his grandfather and uncle had worked before him. He took time to wave to little kids excited for the trash man to come or to have a quick chat with elderly customers on his route, just to make their day. He would frequently run their trash can back to the house as well.
Justin enjoyed spending his time outdoors fishing in the backyard or on the Delaware boating with Ed, his landlord and his friend Chuck's grandfather, drinking MGD and BlackBerry Brandy, 
practicing drums, and watching all Philadelphia sports teams; Phillies, Eagles and Flyers.

Justin was a casual guy that liked to wear concert t-shirts or philly sports team shirts with skinny jeans and Converse. 
Justin enjoyed spending time with his family; he and his dad were a team (When all else failed, they had each other always), 
his grandmom (Thanksgiving was wherever she was, she was his #1 woman in life), his Uncle Eric (he was more like a big brother and best friend, they were knuckleheads together), his mom (he wanted to be her protector, to make sure she was taken care of), and his little brother Wayne. He liked to take him ice skating, pick him up from school, or keep an eye on him while his mom worked some nights and share all his big brother stories.

Justin loved music, weather listening, learning, writing or performing. He was a self taught drummer who practiced and performed with his band Outro, with friends Dave, Matt and Steve. 

When the band broke up he  later became the lead singer and drummer for a band with Dave and Parker (who later died in a car accident). He once sang and performed with this band - a mash up of “Super Freak” (Rick James) and “Can’t Touch This”. As a more likely performer of  Classic Rock Covers or  originals, this was an awesome twist! 

Justin prized his vinyl record collection and his Monte Carlo car.  He moved out with his friend Greg and liked cooking for his friends. His friend Gina was helping him learn to make meatballs and gravy. He liked making peppered steak, spaghetti and meatballs, grilled trout. 

Justin had curly hair, a lazy eye, full lips, a vibrant smile, always a slightly mischievous grin and deep belly laugh, a small muscular stature  and a quick stride. Tattoos!

He was quick witted in nature, and rarely spoke ill of anyone. He was a lover, especially of animals. He befriended everyone, both young and old alike. A true, classic, old soul who enjoyed hanging out and conversing. Justin was a history buff who
 would tease and reminisce of war days living vicariously thru his poppy Ron and his grandpop Al, who were both in Vietnam. 

He was preceded in death by his Grandmom Appledorn, Poppy Ron, and Poppy Bill“Obie” and his dog Sassy.  

Justin is survived by his dad Big 
Mike (Mitch) and stepmom Kathy,  step sister Justine and step brother Jonathan (Jon Boy), his grandmom Carole and grandpop Al (Big Ale), Uncle Eric and Aunt Julie (sister of Nina his crush). He always crushed on older ladies Nina, Debbie, Meteorologist Melissa McGee. Also survived by his mom Lynn, stepdad Tony, sister Megan and  brother  Wayne.

His roommate and friends Greg, Mandy, Dave, Lisa, Chuck, Brittany, Tyler,  Marlain, Anthony, Pat, Matt, Steve, Nicole, and Phil founder of  (Fil Stock) an annual music fest in Langhorne, PA that now raises funds for various charities including ASPF. 

Justin’s viewing was at the Galzerano Funeral Home Levittown, PA. There were over 300 people who came through to pay respects, the funeral home had to turn people away. Justin was cremated and is in urns with his dad, mom, grandmom and uncle. 

Since then Justin’s 30th birthday has passed, it’s been over 5 years since life changed forever. Your sister has since had two children - a girl Ryleigh and a boy Joey - and is expecting her third (another boy), and bought a house with (Bobby). Justine and Bill got married, bought a house and had a baby girl Alex.

Wayne is in the military and has stories I’m sure you would be proud of and Jon graduated this year. Eric and Julie bought a house outside of the city. Grandmom had breast cancer  but is cancer free today.

We bought a vacation home in the Poconos, you would love it. Dad took a transfer to Poconos and we are moving there in a few weeks. Although, we have managed to keep it together we sure wish you were here too. All the what if’s, should haves, would haves,  could haves. What would your life have continued as, where would you be? Would you be married, have kids? We miss you.

We will forever continue to share your memories to keep your spirit alive. Your impact is always present and we will advocate for others in your name.