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In Remembrance of Nono Neog

2020 - 2020

I wish I got some more time with you, my baby sister. I miss you every second. I never ever thought we would be separated this way. I love you so so so very much and I wish I had expressed it more. I love you. It hurts that you have stopped growing and that I ll never be able to hear you or see you. I miss our cuddles and hugs and every other silly thing we used to do together. I miss waking up next to you. I am sorry and forgive me, if you can, for not being able to understand what you were feeling. Sorry for letting you suffer. 

Don’t give up ever no matter how bitchy life gets to you. Live for yourself and your loved ones. Live for the sky, the birds, the wind, the rain, the earth. Live and feel the beauty of the nature. Live for nature if not anyone else but never give up.