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William “Billy” Cappiello Memorial

In Remembrance of William “Billy” Cappiello

1963 - 2023

My Dad's life lesson he gave to us:

John 1:16 says “From his fullness, we all received, grace upon grace.”

My dDad was the provider, the giver. He wanted nothing more to help others, to help animals, help neighbors mow their lawn, take care of everyone's cars and homes. If you called him to ask for help with something, he showed up no questions asked. He always needed to make sure everything was okay and would keep calling to make sure all was right. He lived to help others. 
Most importantly, he lived for family.

My Dad was in pain, but no matter what he would show up, especially for his grandson’s baseball games, and any of the kids events. Always there for us or to bring us dinner. Quite honestly, he kept showing up for everyone. Throughout his whole life, he did things for others. The thing that makes him special is he did this despite what actions people may have taken or beliefs they had that he may have not agreed with. He simply truly saw past people's imperfections to their humanness, and simply saw their heart. (As long as you didn't hurt animals or kids) He truly had pure grace.

My Dad had a heart of gold and a beautiful mind.

So in this, I hope everyone reading this can take this lesson from my Dad. When needed, pull from your strength, show your grace to others, to a stranger, to anyone in need, check in on people, make that phone call, be there for someone who is hurting, help animals, and have grace for yourself. too.

He was truly one of a kind, a great man, a legend, my hero and I know this is what he would want from others. Grace can make this world a better place, and let's begin to cause that ripple for him, be a light in someone’s darkness.