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In Remembrance of T. W. Olson

1948 - 2019

You had such a sense of adventure in life! It's hard to comprehend that the future would allow such a tragic end to your journey. Not a day has gone by that we don't miss your warm loving spirit, dear brother. We will always cherish the memories you imprinted in our hearts, talk about your accomplishments with pride, and value how deeply you loved your family. We know that through all this sadness, it wasn't that you wanted to die, but needed to end that silent agony that you tried to mask with a smile.

Thank you for being our shining star and trying so hard to impress upon us the importance of staying connected through one common denominator we call God's love. Till we meet again, know that you are cherished beyond words.

Carole & Jeff, Debbie & Curt, Sandra & Michael, Amber & Denver