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In Remembrance of Daniel McAllister

1989 - 2017

PTSD is something we think of as military personnel having to deal with. Daniel struggled with PTSD. We never knew how hard he hurt. As the mother that lost her youngest child to suicide it is difficult to put into words what our lives have been like since the morning we received the call. So many emotions every day. It hasn’t gotten easier with time. I have just become better at hiding the pain and grief so others are more comfortable around me. Suicide is still taboo.  

My son Daniel was the kindest human you would meet. Every one he met was his friend. His friendship meant he would drop everything to help you even if it meant he went with out. He was always so positive. Even when things were hard he would find a way to put a positive spin on it. His hugs were the kind that made you feel like he would never let go. He loved with every fiber of his being. 

I miss his hugs!