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In Remembrance of Douglas James Graham

1957 - 2018

We remember how you lived your life, my son, and not so much how you died. You were always our family entertainer and you had the greatest smile. Generous to family and friends who knew they could always call you in an emergency and you would be there with whatever was needed.  You were a great Dad to your kids and even as you mourned your oldest son's death, you continued to be there for your step-daughter and younger son.

Your grandkids miss you as you were at their school and sport functions, often treating them to special occasions like trips to theme parks or a night at a sports arena. You even have a baby grandson (with a twin sister) named after you! 

We may never know the extreme pain you suffered throughout your life, and miss you so much but we do know you are at peace now with our Father in Heaven, where we will see you again some day.