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Travis William Ervin Segebart Memorial

In Remembrance of Travis William Ervin Segebart

1988 - 2022

This is Travis . He was my fiancé for 7 years. He was my best friend. He was my Rockstar! He always took my breath away whenever he played his guitar. He's the only one who got my stupid funny jokes and make me laugh so hard I'd cry. He was smart and taught me survival skills and about the stars. He was a great person to be around. I just wish he didn't feel like he had to leave so soon. I loved him very much and he be missed. Travis, wherever you are, I miss you. I feel so empty and lost without you! I will never forget you! I will never let go! And I will never stop loving you!!! I love you, baby, forever until the end of time!  Wait for me! It might take me a minute to get to you. (You know me) but don't give up!! I promise I'll be there! Love, your girl, Shannon aka Shannabeth wrinkle snot