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Ronald Bruce Albino Jr Memorial

In Remembrance of Ronald Bruce Albino Jr

1962 - 2021

Ron was surely the most loved man in every camp he walked. This beloved son and brother left home at only 17 to pursue an army career. He spent 22 years as a Special Force Green Beret. There was not one soldier who worked under his authority or was superior to him who didn’t think he was a top-notch soldier and wanted HIM watching their flanks. He was always promoted ahead of his peers. He was the youngest soldier in his Sergeants Major School (the highest rank an enlisted man could obtain).

Ron and I met while we were both in the army. We were both impressed by each other’s drive for excellence. We were both high achievers. I loved that he made me a better person. We got married within 6 months. When I left for the war the next year we wrote to each other every day. He took care of everything back home even though I knew he really wanted to be where I was. ( every soldier wants to be where the action is). 

We finally retired and had 2 awesome children to add to the dream. He became a principal and by his request, I took care of the fam. I knew as long as I had Ron I had all the purpose I needed.  

He was  an awesome educator. He literally was a rock star in his schools. For the next 10 years, he was one of the most sought-after education administrators in this city. We had big retirement dreams! We were going to buy land and build a firing range and a driving range. We were going to smoke dubies and love each other and life.

On one fateful morning I got up and he wasn’t home. I thought little of it because he was so Vigilant that it was not unusual for him to get up and go to work at the wee hours of the morning to catch up or prep for the new day. I learned later That morning that he drove to a local metro park and took his life that night.   

I can only speculate why since he left no explanation! He was without exception the most positive person I ever knew and now I have to live with this. We were together for 32 years! Why! Why! He stole my future, he took a major crap on our life!

I miss him every day! I think of him constantly! I have begged God to give him back but alas he chose to go. I am damaged forever.

You don’t know what you don’t know

- Ron Albino