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In Remembrance of Jared Gutierrez

1986 - 2018

It’s almost been one year since you left us – It’s brutal feeling like we missed saying or doing something that might have got you through that dark time in your life. It hurts us as well knowing we couldn’t carry some of the pain you were experiencing. We know it doesn’t/won’t change anything for us to torture ourselves with guilt. It’s just that our lives have changed forever since you left us and we’ll always feel part of ourselves missing

You were such an amazing person, son, husband, brother, friend, teacher. You touched so many lives, and had a profound impact on so many, especially as a high school teacher.  The outpour of heartfelt messages from your students gave us a whole new perspective of your caring nature, and your undying need to make a difference - You always said you thought being a teacher was the highest calling in life.

We’re thankful you experienced so many things in your life. You were a great soccer/tack player in your youth. You spent years with/loved and married a wonderful woman at a beautiful venue. You loved the outdoors, hiking, biking, music, travel, golf. You had a great sense of humor and had us laughing on a regular basis, and because you were so passionate about history, you enlightened us on a regular basis about things relevant from the past.

You pushed yourself in your own education and thrived. You would’ve always found the need to pursue higher learning in one form or another – that’s just the way your mind worked.

People say the immense pain we’re feeling will lessen. It’s hard to imagine. The mere retaliation that hits repeatedly -- that you’re never coming back to us -- just feels like a whole new immense pain over and over again. We miss you as much today as the day you left us.

Jared, you set the bar so high, in everything you did. We’ll always be thankful and so very proud that you were such a huge part of our lives

Our memories of you are no longer just a source of pain, they’re also a fountain of gratitude for the time and love we shared. Your legacy will live on with each one of us, who was fortunate enough to have you in our lives.

We will NEVER stop missing or loving you!

We’ll take one day/month/year at a time.

You’re Always/Forever in our hearts

With Love,

Family and Friends of beloved

 Jared, JG, Mr. Gutierrez

You were different to so many - but the same.