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In Remembrance of Mark Francis Knowles

1957 - 2015

My darling brother. A remarkable person in so many ways: larger than life, brilliant and full of ideas.  Empathetic, sweet, sensitive and hysterically funny but wrapped in a defensive outer shell no one could penetrate. Loved and missed by so many.

Career Detroit Firefighter, often decorated; he was president of the union twice, member of and president of the pension board and the first and only Democrat to serve as Supervisor of Harrison Township, MI (winning the office over 8 others in a highly contentious race.) Amazing chef and entertainer. THE best big brother EVER. 

Missed fiercely every single day.

Love you so, Mark.


You are there. I am here. Worlds separate us. … yet I say your name, and waves of light wash to me silently from your heart.

- Rumi