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Kendryck Ja’Juan Steward Memorial

In Remembrance of Kendryck Ja’Juan Steward

2000 - 2019

I miss my baby boy, Kendryck, so much and I just wish he was still here with me everyday that I wake up. Since my baby boy has passed away, my life has not truly been the same. A big piece of me left when my son left this earth in May 2019. I just wish I could hold, kiss, and talk to my son again because I would give anything in this world just to hear his sweet voice again. I know that I have to continue my journey on this earth without Kendryck, but I know that one day I will be reunited with my son again and I just can't wait for that moment. Always remember that mamma loves you very much and to the moon and back, Ken-Ken. I will always keep your beautiful memory alive and continue to tell people how great of a son, brother, uncle, and friend you were on this earth. There will never be another person like my son because he was one in a million. I love you so much, baby boy, and mamma will see you soon!!1