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HB Avey Memorial

In Remembrance of HB Avey

1968 - 2022

We are devastated by the news of your death. You were an esteemed colleague and mentor; a cherished friend. We were continually amazed by your empathy, insight, and wisdom during the year we shared together. You were integral to our efforts to form and articulate our vision of equitable evaluation. You pioneered ways of thought and interaction that will forever shape our perspective of the role of evaluator. We are heartbroken that we don’t have more time together. Your legacy will forever remind us of our commitment to uplift the experiences of vulnerable populations and our responsibility to use data for positive and lasting change.

As a member of the leadership team, you were a rock - a solid source of inspiration, thought partnership, and consistent integrity. You were a patient and unwavering teacher, leader, and supporter for our evaluation team members. Our team will remember you as always gentle, thoughtful, and authentic. You shared your appreciation for art and culture with others when you had the chance; and the lightness and joy you expressed in those moments was infectious. You were an animal lover, and especially adored your cat, Izzy. We think of you and smile when we love on our own animal companions. 

Grief is the price of love.

- Valarie Kaur