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In Remembrance of Andrew Clayton

1976 - 2011

Dearest Andrew, I lost you within minutes of talking to you on the phone. You called to check on Dad and I getting home safely from your home. We went over what all you did that day, and your plans for the next. You were going to pick up your 2 year old daughter Sophia, and spend the day with her. The next day on Monday you were going to connect with your doctor again. I had spent the week with you, and knew when I left, you were still in a dark place, but I thought you had a plan. You did. I miss you so much. I still, after 9 years feel your hug. I’ve learned to carry you in my heart like I carried you in my womb. My heart beats for you everyday. So many regrets, so much pain. I think of you everyday. Your daughter is eleven now. She  is beautiful. She has your big brown eyes, your eyebrows!  She brings your chess set every time she visits to play chess with Dad. She sees your picture of you holding her as a newborn. She’s smart, has a great personality. We are very proud of her. We miss you. We love you. I think of you every day.... I carry you in my heart....  Mom