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John Shiver Memorial

In Remembrance of John Shiver

1987 - 2022

You always said you were my bundle of sunshine. Your exuberance, energy, enthusiasm, lust for life, eagerness to participate in new experiences and great fun, and love for everyone around you brightened up everyone’s life. Just to be in your presence. Your smile and shining eyes and great big laugh and silly mischievous acts would brighten up any day.  You made me a mama. The greatest gift I have ever been given. I will miss you and love you till my last day. At that time I hope you will be waiting to give me one of your biggest bear hugs. I love you, son. So much.

You have always lightened up my path with your beauty, and illuminated my heart and soul with your beautiful smile, love and kindness. You are my sunshine. I love you beyond imagination.

- Anonymous