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In Remembrance of K. Patrick Shade

1969 - 2018

K. Patrick “Pat” Shade, of Lock Haven, silenced the demons caused by mental illness, taking his own life within days of his 49th birthday.

Born Oct. 22, 1969 in Lock Haven, Pa., he was the son of Kenneth Paul Shade and Sara J. Shade, a brother to Shannon K. Walker, and uncle to John Paul R. Tyson and Patrick D. Gallagher.

Pat was a 1987 graduate of Jersey Shore Area High School. After graduation, he worked as an auto body technician for many years. Having suffered side effects caused by the chemicals and paints used in auto body work, he became a heavy equipment operator.

Pat was an integral member of the team who moved the mountains of earth that created the dike/levee system that protects the City of Lock Haven. He loved the outdoors and all things related – hunting, trapping, fishing, ATV’s, and snowmobiling.

In October of 1999, Pat was afflicted with a debilitating mental illness. He was diagnosed with bi-polar manic-depressive disorder and schizophrenic tendencies. No one could prepare Pat, his family, nor his friends for the roller coaster of emotion, struggle, fear, pain and devastation that comes with this evil disorder. It is truly a demon that we will never understand but is known as bi-polar schizophrenia.

With incredible strength, bravery and hope, Pat fought this demon every single day for almost 20 years. May we find comfort knowing that Pat’s mind is now at peace. The demons have been silenced. He is safe and now in the company of his very best friend, Craig G. Through this tragedy, Pat will save others suffering from bi-polar schizophrenia.

A private memorial service is being planned for a later date.

In lieu of flowers and contributions, Pat’s family requests that you be kind.  Be kind to one another. Become an advocate for change. Our mental health system/support services are grossly inadequate. Support is only available when the person becomes a danger to themselves or others…often, it’s too late. Change and awareness are necessary. If someone is struggling, be kind. Smile. Offer an encouraging word. Ensure their well-being. Put all judgement aside. One can never know the burden another carries. Kindness may give someone the inspiration they need to continue to fight their fight. Be a light for those who may be lost. Kindness costs nothing, yet is priceless.

#bekind #forpatssake

- Shannon K. Walker