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Ethan Isaiah Jackson Memorial

In Remembrance of Ethan Isaiah Jackson

2003 - 2021

Ethan was a wonderful son, brother, grandson, nephew, and friend. He tried our patience too many times to count, challenged us to think differently when we thought we knew the best way to handle a situation, made us laugh uncontrollably daily and made us cry until we thought we had no more tears. 

Ethan will forever be our compass:

Our memory of Ethan will be our North, driving us forward in our lives to achieve our full potential not just for us but for him as well. This nothern direction will provide us hope that we will see each other again some day and share one of his amazing hugs before spending the rest of eternity enjoying each other's company.

Ethan will be our South reminding us that no matter how far we may go during our lifetime, we must remember to come home to the people we love and to where our heart will be resting.

He will be our East in every morning when the sun rises, we will feel the warmth of his love watching over us even in our darkest moments.

Finally, he will be our West. When the sun sets on our time here, he will be waiting for us to hold our hand and navigate us to the place where we belong. Beside him and all our loved ones who have gone before us and await us in paradise. 

Ethan was not called home, but he has been welcome home.  Ethan, we loved you before we even met you and will continue to miss you for the remainder of our days. 

It isn't that we didn't reach for you. It's just that it was too hard for you to see our hand(s) in the blackness.