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In Remembrance of Joshua Aston Smith

1994 - 2020

As all mothers know her love for her children is so deep, it runs through your whole body. It's felt in every fibre of your being, no matter how old they are. The worry never goes. It's our job and one I couldn't wait to do. It was one of the first things I told my husband and he never ran away. So here we are 32 years later having created a beautiful little family who all love each other deeply. As a mother I shared each of their happy times and every achievement but equally every sad time, too, wishing I could kiss away those painful times like I did when they were little. No matter how hard I tried some things couldn't be chased away with a hug and a kiss, though, and that is the most painful thing to bear as a mother. So in those times we stand beside our children and hold their hands, giving them the strength and courage to face problems head on. Even then I couldn't fix things for Josh, but he knew the love and support he had and I know he appreciated it. 

The day we lost Josh my heart broke. Life will never be the same again. I'll carry the loss with me forever, knowing he should have shared all life's happy times with us all, but his illness took him from us too soon.