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What Helps: Photography

I have always been involved in photography (in fact, that’s how I met my husband). It takes you outside of yourself, helps you express yourself when you are at a loss for the words, and is good therapy, in my opinion. It also helps me see beauty where I otherwise would not. I recently read a bunch of articles about how it is good for the mentally ill as well, for some of the same reasons. I wondered if I were the only one that thought it was good for the grieving process and found this article: Coping with Death: Grief and Photography  

I’m sure it’s not for everyone but it sure works for me. Plus on my photo site I have garnered many friends and caring souls, much like I have at AOH – although of course, they don’t really “Get It” like everyone here – but it is a good social network for me because I don’t have a lot of support otherwise.

I take a photo a day and have been doing it mostly every day with some exceptions for the last ten years. It was very difficult immediately following my husband’s death when I didn’t feel like taking photos at all, but the desire gradually returned. Some days now, I take a shot that conveys hopelessness, despair. Some days I look for beauty. Some days I write about the past. Some days I concentrate on hope. I usually write my feelings about the photo or the moment along with the photo. It always makes me feel better. Maybe it would make someone out there feel a bit better, too, to try it.

Today I went to the cemetery for the first time in two months because of the weather and my car accident. It was very emotional to be there after such a long time (for me, anyway) and to be there in the snow. On the way out, through my tears, I saw this and was able to get off a quick snap. It seemed a small blessing. I will look at it down the road and remember the sorrow of today, but I will also remember God’s tender mercies in giving me something beautiful to concentrate on before the ride home. Maybe it was even a sign from my husband … as we used to take so many photos of deer together when we lived down south.