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The Winter of Our Grief
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The Winter of Our Grief

Hello all. I just thought I would share a page out of a book I’m reading that has helped me tremendously. Yes…I’m actually reading in small increments. It’s a start!

I hope it helps someone else as it has me. A dear friend mailed it to me and I am forever thankful as I have read half the book in two sittings. Hugs to this amazing unselfish and caring warrior. I don’t think she realizes the gift was far more than just a book.

The book is titled Winter Grief, Summer Grace. This page is under the Winter section:

  • “The winter of your grief is a time to do what is best for you: a time to be – just to be.
  • A part of you may wish to push ahead.
  • Winter says, “Take your time.”
  • A part of you may wish to get this over with as quickly as possible.
  • Winter says, “Be patient.”
  • Something within you may want to escape.
  • Winter says, “This is what you need right now.”
  • This time offers an opportunity to do what you may not often do,,,
  • Sit and be quiet,
  • Walk and be aware,
  • Write or talk and be reflective.
  • You can spend time with yourself and make a close, close friend.
  • You can immerse yourself in the stillness and let it inform you.
  • You can open your eyes to the starkness that is all around you and find unusual beauty.
  • You can use this time of barrenness to begin your healing.” ~James E. Miller

Grief is uncomfortable, but it demands to be felt. We can choose to deal with it or avoid it, but I have found that eventually, it will knock on our door. To truly heal from grief, we must walk through it and not around it. I always tell myself, “It’s OK to visit grief, just don’t move in.”

I hope what each of us takes from this is to allow ourselves a time of Winter in hopes that Spring will follow. We all deserve peace and healing. Our loved ones surely want this for us all. Sending warm hugs and wishing you all a peaceful night’s rest.

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