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Tips from Survivors: Find Your Tradition

It’s so rare to find something uplifting, but it can happen. My brother’s fifth Loss Day was a couple weeks ago. Five years seems like such a significant milestone.

His Loss Day is always really hard. My family & I have never really known the best way to honor him on such a difficult day. But we figured it out this time.

I was browsing through his digital files that were saved on my hard drive so long ago–looking for a picture or something–when I came across a document he had saved with some of his recipes (in his own words!). My brother loved to cook and share his homemade meals with others.

So on his Loss Day this year, my family and I made a feast of his foods. It was amazing! It was such a sensory experience –smells and tastes –that really made me feel like we had reconnected to him. We all agreed without a doubt that this is the tradition we’ve been looking for. It was such a beautiful way to remember him.

If you have any of your loved one’s recipes or know their favorite foods or restaurants, I recommend using food as a way to reconnect with them!

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