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March is a month that now sings to me of Hope.

This evening we prepare to spring our clocks ahead and with it comes the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

As an early riser, I like to sit quietly and watch Nature lift her blinds as she welcomes the return of light.

This morning, even the birds seem to be reveling. There’s a chill in the air but my windows are open just enough to hear their song as they call to one another.

Do they know what tomorrow brings?

Certain things come to be forever stamped in time, and three years ago, March was a thief. I remember standing at my backdoor feeling broken and betrayed that the season dare change while I stood frozen.

Today I stand at that very same doorway, no longer betrayed by the return of Spring.

I now welcome her light and I’m hopeful.

About the Author

Maria Sallese

Maria Sallese lost her 26-year-old son to suicide in 2019 and joined the Alliance of Hope forum shortly after. She finds hope and healing through writing and wishes to help others by sharing her words. Maria can be reached at: sallese.maria@gmail.comRead More »