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Clean the Toaster
Emotions & Challenges, Losing a Spouse or Partner

Clean the Toaster!

I’m in the grumpiest of moods today. I’m pissed off at work. I asked if we could get a new toaster for the office and was told to go clean the toaster. This has really irritated me because there are dozens of people who use it. I work at a landfill so you can imagine how dirty it is. When I would get told stupid things at work, I’d have M to bounce things off of and agree how stupid my coworkers can be. Now I sit here in a pissed off mood, angry I don’t have anyone to vent to, and am stuck with a disgusting toaster. I know it’s such a small thing to be irritated about, but in the big picture, I don’t have anyone to tell these little things too. I feel like crying.

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