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My son is ever-present
Losing a Child


At times I sit and wonder how it is that my son has the capacity to exist, still
Two years and three months, yet always ever-present
Always no more than a heartbeat within, not away

Often, I wonder how can that be
Love never dies but the feeling is deeper than that
Always a determined child, his current grows stronger, still

At times I think and fear I’ve created a false reality for myself
A fairy-tale safe place to exist
But really, it’s quite the opposite

This is reality, my reality, our reality
How I choose to exist within it is my choice
And maybe it’s the same way for my son

Always near and dear, always a part of my every day
Because that’s how he chooses to exist
Always my determined boy, always with me, still

Never my “Once Upon a Time”
But forever and undeniably my “There Is”

About the Author

Maria Sallese

Maria Sallese lost her 26-year-old son to suicide in 2019 and joined the Alliance of Hope forum shortly after. She finds hope and healing through writing and wishes to help others by sharing her words. Maria can be reached at: sallese.maria@gmail.comRead More »