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animals are effective at grief support
Grief Journey

What Helps? Animals Are Effective at Grief Support

A new study explores bereaved individuals’ satisfaction with social support. Findings indicate that animals can provide the most satisfactory form of support. When asked to rate their perception of support from others, mortuary staff were ranked as being the most effective in providing human-to-human support. Law enforcement, physicians, and hospital social workers were ranked least effective. “Animals were ranked the highest among all forms of social support, which included categories like friends, family, community members, faith leaders, therapists or counselors, support groups, and faith leaders.“ You can read more about the findings of this study here.

About the Author

Ronnie Walker MS, LCPC

Ronnie Walker MS, LCPC is the Founder and Executive Director of the Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors. She is a survivor of suicide loss.Read More »