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two worlds
Losing a Child

Two Worlds

Imagery is powerful for many people but has been especially so for me as I walk the path of the suicide loss of my younger son. I bought this small pillow many years ago because I thought the image on it was interesting. Since my son’s death, it has become more than a decor accent; it is a reminder of the spaces my son and I occupy.  It is a visual reminder that our relationship continues and that we see each other and acknowledge the worlds beyond even as we understand we cannot live in the same one. 

The stems of the lotus flowers are the ties that bind our love. These ties do not adhere to boundaries as we understand them and reveal a depth and beauty that is symbiotic and continues to nurture us both. That is what keeps our worlds connected – pure love. I believe this is what many of us search for – the knowledge that death doesn’t end love or a relationship, but rather it offers a peek into a vastness beyond our imagination. 

With prayers for strength and peace,