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American Heroes Who Stood for Everything We Hold Dear
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American Heroes Who Stood for Everything We Hold Dear

I’m the child of an American hero and I want to acknowledge him and all of our American military today. This is Memorial Day weekend in the United States. Advertisements on TV remind us that it’s also the kick-off of BBQ season and the start of summertime. But in reality, this day is so much more.

On this significant day, we recall and respect those who served in our armed forces and perished. They’re not here to enjoy a BBQ or put up a camping tent, but it’s because of them that the rest of us have the chance. 

Growing up, my world was filled with these men and women. I called them Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Cousin, neighbor, or friend. Clarence, Art, Jane and so many others. I now realize I never told them how much I respected or appreciated their service. I want to do so now. 

These men and women put on a uniform each and every day. Whether they served during peacetime or war, they stood between me and the wolf who might come to the door. They stood for everything that we hold dear in our country. They didn’t do it for glory. They didn’t do it for money. They did it because they felt it was the right thing to do. These men and women were American heroes.

They told plenty of stories about the places they’d been and the people they’d met, but they never glorified war or the work they’d done while serving our country. They protected and defended us every day, but just saw it as doing their job.

I’m sure you can easily call up a memory of a military man or woman from your own world. These are the people who always stand, take off their hats and salute or place their hands over their hearts when they hear our national anthem. These are the people who tear up and say the Pledge of Allegiance as though it were sacred – because they feel each and every word deep within their hearts.

Today, I want to acknowledge each and every person who served in our American military and has gone on to their reward. Yes, I’ll be firing up the BBQ and enjoying the beginning of summer, but before I do so, I’ll be offering a prayer of gratitude for each of these heroes. Those men and women made this day possible because they did a job I can’t even imagine.

I’m a grateful American, the child of an American hero.

I invite my fellow Americans to say a word of thanks today. When you see the American flag, recall these heroes, standing straight and tall. We’re blessed to live in a country that while deeply flawed, is still a place that produces men and women who are willing to give their all so that others may sleep in peace.

This message today is about much more than me. It’s a message of thanks from a grateful American — so I’m not going to sign my name. I’ll simply sign,

Thank you,

A Grateful Child of American Heroes