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Honoring Military Heroes: Remembering Those Lost to Suicide
Holidays, Trauma & Mental Illness

Honoring Military Heroes: Remembering Those Lost to Suicide

As Memorial Day approaches, let’s remember and honor the brave men and women who served in the military and tragically lost their lives to suicide. These individuals made tremendous sacrifices for their country, yet their struggles with mental health and the invisible wounds of war often went unnoticed.

We often acknowledge members of our military community for the vital role they play in protecting our freedoms. We should also recognize how many challenges they face that impact their mental well-being. The pressures of duty, deployments, and witnessing traumatic events can take a heavy toll on their mental health. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for veterans to get the help they need. 

Honoring those who died by suicide is a way to acknowledge their service and sacrifice while also raising awareness about the importance of mental health support for our military personnel. By sharing their stories and remembering their lives, we may help break the stigma surrounding mental health issues within the military community and encourage others to seek help when they need it.

As we come together to support each other in grieving our loved ones, let us also remember the lives of these fallen heroes, recognizing their bravery, resilience, and lasting impact on those around them. Let us honor their memory and ensure their legacy lives on in our hearts and minds.

With appreciation for all who have served in the military  … and compassion for all who are missing someone who served.

About the Author

Ronnie Walker MS, LCPC

Ronnie Walker MS, LCPC is the Founder and Executive Director of the Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors. She is a survivor of suicide loss.Read More »