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Peace After a Loss
Faith & Spirituality

Peace After a Loss

In a recent article, Eckhart Tolle relates being told by a grieving father: “My sons drowned in the sea ten months ago. I did surrender, but when I felt the peace and calm coming over me, it felt wrong. It was not right to feel peace and calm with such a loss.”

Eckhart Tolle responded compassionately, “The natural way of healing after the death of a loved one is suffering at first, then there is a deepening. In that deepening, you go to a place where there is no death. And the fact that you felt that means you went deep enough, to the place where there is no death. Conditioned as your mind is by society, the contemporary world that you live in, which knows nothing about that dimension -your mind then tells you that there is something wrong with this. But that’s a conditioned thought by the culture you live in. So instead we can recognize when this happens, when that thought comes -recognize it as a conditioned thought that is not true.”

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