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About Ligia Kasanin

Ligia Kasanin is an accredited Psychotherapist and Mental Health Practitioner based in Portsmouth, UK. She is a survivor of early abuse, and this led her to pursue a career in helping others traumatized by life experiences. She has worked with many kinds of trauma and always believed passionately in the capacity of the human spirit to endure, survive, and thrive. That was until she lost her eldest son, Anton, to suicide, completely unexpectedly, at the age of 32. At that point, she neither believed she would survive, or even wanted to. The pain was so intense she feared waking up each day, feared losing her mind with grief, feared everything, and trusted nothing.

Desperate to find evidence that surviving even this might be possible, and to encounter others who might shine a light into the darkness of her loss, she read everything she could find. As she began to process the pain, she started to write, melding her personal experiences of grief with psychological theory. This collection of writing became a blog, publicized so that others might find some comfort in knowing they are not alone, that survival is possible, and that there is always hope.