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Kris Garrison suicide

In Remembrance of Kris Garrison

1972 - 2021

Kristopher Garrison aka Kris with a "K"   He was a beam of light and a ray of sunshine mixed with scent of the ocean and cement. Everything Kris did He did it with great pride. He was a Beautiful Soul with an undercurrent of sadness and loneliness. Admired by many and envied by some - and misunderstood by most. He was striving to be better and was tenacious in His search for Love and Loyalty. He often said and wrote - "You Alicia are My Light Mi Amor".   In actuality Kris did shine on His Own even with the darkness that he couldn't shake in the final seconds of His Life - He did have a light that radiated and was felt by many that were privy to have had Him in their lives. He was strong, vibrant, kind and genuinely a giver but was surrounded by takers and that eventually brought Him to a point of no return. He battled addiction of alcohol as He drank to mask his childhood pains of abuse and wrong doing that were done to Him. He was even through the struggles a very Beautiful and childlike Soul when he was out on the water or playing His bongo or listening to His favorite Song(s) "Come Let Go" and "Queen Bee"  May He be dancing and smiling with no more doubts or concerns. May He be diving deeper than He ever dived and I wish He is seeing the most amazing creations - and as every Sun rises and as every Sun sets I know that IF He could reverse the decision to take His Life - He most certainly would! We must All learn from His last choice- that when we are under the influence and/or allow ourselves to Hold Onto the negative over the positive then the outcome can be both devastating and final to where there is no reversing the choice we make. Let Us raise our vibration as we think of Kris and may we LOVE deeper and may we find a way to smile rather than grieve. He would not want those He respected and admired to be in a space of sadness or uncertainty. Follow The Sun Kris ... I miss You - We miss You ! 

You always kept striving to be better reaching for something more than what was shown to You in your early years - You deserved to be loved valued and recognized and I am forever grateful We gave one another those moments full of laughter, passion, understanding, forgiveness and playful banter that kept Us hopeful for loving past the betrayal and disappointments of others.- moments I will forever carry within Me when I feel I can't bare You being gone from this Earth

- Alicia Raquell